Amazon Prime Members Get $5 Off Preorders For ‘Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon’ On Nintendo 3DS

Legendary Pokémons

The Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS is getting released on Nov. 20 and with the time ticking, it’s the perfect opportunity to preorder the game. Amazon has something even better up its sleeve because, from its $39.99 price tag, it is slashing off $5 if you are an Amazon Prime member.

It is also under Amazon’s Price Order Guarantee wherein, if the price goes lower between the time you ordered and its release, Amazon will charge you the lower price.

Let’s just clarify that again: the $5 discount for preorders is for Amazon Prime members only.

There are already a lot of Pokémon games released so what would make you want to purchase another one? Well, for starters, the goal in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is not to collect them all because you are one of them. Yes, you start out as one of the 20 available Pokémons and you will go on an adventure and interact with the 720 other discovered Pokémon.

It’s an adventure game so you, as a Pokémon, will go to school, shop, go on adventures, help out other Pokémon, have battles, explore dungeons and do whatever it takes to become a member of the expedition society. Of course, since you’re a Pokémon, you will now be able to understand what they are saying and, following this line of thought, all the Pokémon in this game speak.

Don’t believe it? Check out the in-game screen capture below and see for yourself.

Pokémons speak!

You also have the chance to meet and interact with the legendary Pokémon. If you’re good, they’ll even help you acquire treasures for your missions. Not only that, if you meet certain requirements, Hoopa will also join your group and, while you don’t have control over it, this mythical Pokémon will still battle with you. It can also call other Legendary Pokémon to battle by your side.

A plus factor of this game is that all dungeons are randomly created each time you enter into one, meaning you won’t have the same experience no matter how similar the dungeon looks like with one you already explored.