Apple’s ‘Start Something New’ Campaign Shows Off Brilliant Art Made With iPhones And iPads

Apple's "Start Something New" campaign art

If you merely use your iPhone and iPad to surf the Internet, check email and send text messages, you’re missing out on tapping into their full creative capabilities.

Apple has launched its Start Something New campaign, aiming to “explore bold new work that artists are creating with Apple products.”

The artists, who consist of professional photographers, painters and visual designers worldwide, according to Mashable, made these brilliant pieces of art predominantly by using the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. Some submissions also utilized the Apple Pencil, MacBook Pro and iMac. Pretty impressive, considering they didn’t tap into anything else but still managed to create these double-take-worthy images.

One artist, Darren Pearson, even used the Apple Watch with the iPhone 6s Plus to deliver this beautiful piece of art.

(Photo : Darren Pearson | Apple)

The point of the campaign is to inspire fellow Apple product users to explore their creative sides and use their iPhones and iPads to think outside the box for art with everything at their disposal to let their imaginations run wild and create.

In conjunction with the campaign and the 11 artists’ work being displayed, Apple will also host free workshops on iPhone photography and iPad painting and sketching at their retail stores around the world, as reported by Mashable.