Award-Winning Puzzle Game ‘Monument Valley’ Now Free For iOS Users: Download It Now!

Monument Valley

Cult gaming hit Monument Valley is now free for the iOS, and users who have not yet purchased the game should not think twice about downloading it.

Monument Valley is a puzzle game that has gained immense popularity with its minimalist 3D design and entrancing soundtrack. Normally priced at $3.99, the game is now free through Apple’s App Store.

Monument Valley, which drew inspiration from the lithographs and drawings of graphic artist M.C. Escher, allows gamers to explore through “fantastical architecture and impossible geometry,” as the game’s description on the App Store states. The goal of the game is to guide princess Ida through the levels by manipulating architecture, which sounds very simple to do until gamers run into difficult puzzles that require lifting and spinning the levels in different ways.

Monument Valley eschewed the usage of in-app purchases and instead was released with a premium price along with a gorgeous design to attract users. An interview with the game’s developer revealed that it was hoped that the production cost of $852,000 for the game would be returned in six months, but the game as able to make that amount in just a week.

Monument Valley was named by Apple as the iPad Game of the Year last year, as a testament to how great the game is. When playing the game, it is also recommended to have headphones on, as the audio component of the title plays a big role in the appeal of Monument Valley.

PCGamer has tried to reach out to ustwo, the game’s developer based in the UK, but the news website has not yet received a response on a request for details regarding the decision to make the game free. However, just to be on the safe side since there is no announcement on how long the game will be free, iOS users should downloadMonument Valley as soon as they can to try it out.

The game is compatible with iOS devices beginning from the iPhone 4 all the way up to the recently released iPad Pro.

Only iOS users are currently enjoying the offer for a free copy of Monument Valley, as the full price of $3.99 still applies at the Google Play Store for Android devices and at the Microsoft Store for Windows devices.