Basho, Cisco integrate Riak KV and Apache Mesos to strengthen IoT automation

Basho and Cisco have integrated Riak and Mesos

Cisco and Basho have successfully demoed the Riak key value store running on Apache Mesos, an open source technology that makes running diverse, complex distributed applications and workloads easier.

Basho helped create and commercialise the Riak NoSQL database and worked with Cisco to pair Mesos with Riak’s own automation and orchestration technology, which the companies said would help support next gen big data and internet of things (IoT) workloads.

“Enabling Riak KV with Mesos on Intercloud, we can seamlessly and efficiently manage the cloud resources required by a globally scalable NoSQL database, allowing us to provide the back-end for large-scale data processing, web, mobile and Internet-of-Things applications,” said Ken Owens, chief technology officer for Cisco Intercloud Services.

“We’re making it easier for customers to develop and deploy highly complex, distributed applications for big data and IoT. This integration will accelerate developers’ ability to create innovative new cloud services for the Intercloud.”

Apache Mesos provides resource scheduling for workloads spread across distributed – and critically, heterogeneous – environments, which is why it’s emerging as a fairly important tool for IoT developers.

So far Cisco and Basho have only integrated Basho’s commercial Riak offering, Riak KV, with Mesos, but Basho is developing an open source integration with Mesos that will also be commercialized around a supported enterprise offering.

“By adding the distributed scheduler from Mesos, we’re effectively taking the infrastructure component away from the equation,” Adam Wray, Basho’s chief executive officer told BCN. “Now you don’t have to worry about the availability of servers – you literally have an on-demand model with Mesos, so people can scale up and down based on the workloads for any number of datacentres.”

“This is what true integration of a distributed data tier with a distributed infrastructure tier looks like, being applied at an enterprise scale.”

Wray added that while the current deal with Cisco isn’t a reselling agree we can expect Basho to be talking about large OEM deals in the future, especially as IoT picks up.






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