‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Updated For PC, Adds Support For December DLC And Other Fixes

Batman Arkham Knight

A new update for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight has rolled out, bringing in a ton of fixes here and there and compatibility support for the December DLC.

Straight off the bat (no pun intended), one of the most notable additions is that Arkham Knight and Harley Quinn are now playable characters for AR Challenges, topped off with the Harley Quinn Story Pack and Red Hood Story Pack.

With the patch, a lot of improvements have been carried out across the board, including issues for missing rain effects, stars being awarded or lost incorrectly in specific AR Challenges and keyboard and mouse controls that did not function in DLC AR Challenges when no previous saved data existed, to name a few.

The full changelog has been posted on the Steam page of Batman: Arkhan Knight.

Back in June, the game was pulled from Steam because of a slew of technical issues. After some time, it returned, but players still experienced multiple problems. The game developer continued to iron out some of the issues, where the studio released another update just recently.

Hopefully, the PC version will be able to run smoothly this time around, as the latest update states that “miscellaneous gameplay fixes and stability improvements” have been implemented.

Meanwhile, the December DLC is set to go official on Dec. 22, featuring four new Most Wanted Missions – “Beneath the Surface,” “In from the Cold,” “Wonderland” and “Shadow War.”

“Beneath the Surface” features Killer Croc, whereas “In from the Cold” Mr. Freeze. On the other hand, Mad Hatter takes the spotlight in “Wonderland,” and the League of Assassins in “Shadow War.”

The December update will also include skins from the 2008 “The Dark Knight” film for Batman and the Batmobile.