Bixby voice assistant on the Galaxy S8 will offer visual search and text recognition

Rumors and leaks have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with Bixby voice recognition software by default. This AI powered assistant could be a step ahead of the competition if a new revelation is anything to go by.

It is being said that Bixby will come with the ability to recognize text on its own and even perform visual searches. These are features that have long been available on Google Search, but it seems like Bixby could be a cut above the rest as it would incorporate all these features by default.

Reports mention that the camera app will incorporate a dedicated Bixby button to perform visual searches and text recognition. In addition to being supported on some apps by default, Samsung will also take steps to integrate it within some of its core apps. This will ensure that more people use the service and that it doesn’t remain one of those party tricks that you use occasionally.

Previous reports have mentioned that Bixby will also be integrated with S Health, bringing support for WebMD in search results. Further, users will be able to book appointments with doctors, upload new and old prescriptions etc.



[Source:- Techrader]