Bosch’s IoT


An annual two-day conference for company customers, partners and employees, Bosch ConnectedWorld addressed the company’s plans for the Internet of Things. Bosch, a German global engineering and electronics firm, has launched a series of cloud services for the Internet of Things. These services are intended to improve existing software and connectivity. At the conference, programs pertaining to big data technology were also addressed.

CEO Volkmar Denner has commented, “The Bosch IoT Cloud is the final piece of the puzzle that completes our software expertise.” The company will begin offering these new services in 2017, while the company itself will begin using them this year. 2017 is set to become a milestone year for the company.

The foundation of the Bosch IoT Cloud will be the Bosch’s IoT Suite that has the ability to identify Web-enabled objects and coordinate data exchanges, in addition to the services that it offers. Bosch already offers a myriad of cloud services, including remote access services.

Bosch’s “Industrie 4.0” unites German standards and the Industrial Internet Consotrium (IIC). The program hopes to provide a common language for industrial applications in places such manufacturing and building management.

The company claims that because its cloud infrastructure is located in Germany, it is safer than companies located in the United States, due to increasing security concerns surrounding the National Security Agency (NSA). New concerns arose from the battle between Apple and the FBI. The FBI demanded that Apple develop software that allowed the FBI entry into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, but Apple claimed that it could not do so without compromising security of all phones. So, not only must American based companies protect against attacks from hackers, but demands from the government as well.

As Bosch is eager to enter the ever growing race for influence over the Internet of Things, Frank Gillett, a principal analyst with Forrester Research Inc., notes that it may not be about who wins the race, but “how much share each gets.”  We will see how large Bosch’s share is in 2017.


[Source:- Cloudnewsdaily]