Building a Website for SEO

SEO is one of the most critical parts of creating any website and its content. It affects the web page’s traffic, visibility, and whether new browsers will find your site. There are many steps involved, but even the basics will boost your views and page traffic.

The Four Key Aspects

When designing a website, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind. Some of these processes begin before you name the site. However, many SEO aspects rely on what you publish to a website and the quality of the content.

Page Layout

The layout of your web page is the building block to the results you are seeking. This ranges from the size of your text to the location of content and pictures.

Per Brain Box, “The layout of a webpage is crucial.” Issues regarding page layout are quick fixes, such as managing the loading speed of your website by decreasing the number of images, for example. Additionally, you can change unnamed page URLs to worded options. Both of these options increase your website’s rating and how SEO identifies it.

Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is probably one of the first steps you take when designing a website. When determining your name, there are many things to consider that should always be relevant to your topic and easy to remember. However, it’s important not to force keywords into the domain, especially if you’re using a name or brand.

Having a strong domain name goes beyond helping with just SEO, as it makes it easier for returning browsers to access you or share your address.


Keywords have and always will be important in SEO. These words help search engines identify whether your site contains relevant information. Knowing how to pick keywords proves valuable in this instance.

Keyword research will also help you identify what people are already searching for and help you direct your site to those searches.


Content is a broad term requiring you to focus on many aspects to optimize your website for SEO. Fortunately, you can plan your content and hope to keep it relevant to boost your exposure.

One of the main aspects is its effect on your page layout, as too many images interfere with the search engine. Additionally, being selective with your links and titles can significantly improve your site’s ranking.

Remember the Basics

There are many steps to making an SEO-focused website that receives lots of traffic. However, remembering the basics of keywords, naming, managing your content, and page layout will go far.