Check Out This 2-Foot-Long 3D-Printed Star Destroyer

3D Printed Star Destroyer

What good is 3D printing if you can’t build a Star Destroyer? Ever since the 1977 debut of the original “Star Wars” movie, the Star Destroyer has been a symbol of the power of the Empire.

“Star Wars” fan and Reddit user SovereignGFC has posted a series of photos showing an incredibly detailed 3D-printed Star Destroyer.

It’s important to note that SovereignGFC calls his ship a Curator-class Star Destroyer, and the design is based on a series of fan fiction stories he wrote. It’s likely that Disney would take legal action if the Destroyer were based on “Star Wars” canon, which may be why SovereignGFC decided not to print the canon version.

To make the model, SovereignGFC first printed out the parts using a PowerSpec 3D Pro printer and PLA filament. After all the parts were printed, they were sanded individually and then assembled using hot glue. Hot glue was used because it makes it easier to undo parts that might have been placed incorrectly. Finally, the model was spray-painted with gray primer, then again with a layer of white paint.

Head over to this link to check out the full set of images. However, there aren’t any printable models for you to make your own Star Destroyer yet.