‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’ Charging To The PlayStation 4 And Xbox One In December

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is slated to charge to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms on Dec. 1. Activision and Torn Banner Studios are lowering the drawbridge to one of the most fast-paced and intense death-match titles to hit the virtual world for a larger audience.

The first-person game is set in the time of the knights, where 24 players go to a heated battle using an extensive range of armaments, including swords, bows, javelins, maces and battle axes, to name a few, as their weapons of choice. With more than 25 maps to fight it out, over 60 weapon options, a ton of game modes and customizable equipment, players are all set for hours of action-packed, blood-filled melee combat.

The version coming to current-gen consoles will also bring along a new mode, where teams of six knights can go all out against one another on the battlefield.

“The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare also includes Horde Mode, which was previously unavailable on Xbox 360 and PS3. Battle monsters and survive waves of new enemies in this fantasy co-op showdown,” Torn Banner Studiossays on its blog.

Just like the game’s version on Steam, multiplayer gameplay will be supported by dedicated servers.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will come with a price tag of $19.99. Xbox One users will be able to preorder the title on Nov. 24, whereas PlayStation 4 users will be able to get their hands on the game only on the release date.

The developer is also offering a Gold Edition for $29.99, where buyers will get to enjoy four cosmetic DLC packs, including a Barbarian character pack, a Marauding Arbiter pack, an Inquisitive Dreadnaught bundle and a Barbarian weapon pack. Those who avail the standard version will be able to purchase these packs separately.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare proves that you don’t need rifles or futuristic lasers to have fun, as swords, battle axes, battering rams and boiling oil are more than enough for one heck of a gory combat.