Why choose Cloud Axis as your managed hosting partner?

Being an international level trader, you would have always wanted to set a site that worked well and gave perfect user experience. However, how far do you think that hosting services are reliable to fetch you what you want? Most of the website hosting services either extract all your resources or give you average working results or give you bad experiences when hired on a low-cost basis. But, once you have your tie-up with could axis, you shall get to undertake the best in class managed hosting services. Managed hosting services are way different from dedicated or shared hosting services. We help you to have impeccable hosting services that comprise of complete technical support and efficient server maintenance.

Cloud Axis managed hosting

When you head towards getting your website hosted with domain registration, the offerings of various brands may dramatically confuse you. Therefore, we have enlisted some major services that remove your confusion and channelize your decisions to select us with SSD or HDD hosting. We have some concrete reasons that why cloud axis is better than others:

· Server monitoring: We provide you with complicated testing, debugging and installation services in case you need a new software application or platform. We manage all the updates from time to time so that your website always remains ahead. The most recent software available in the market is what we provide your website with Cloud Axis best dedicated server hosting. We ensure that your site is fast paced and glitches free in every aspect.

· Hardware acquisitions: Sometimes you need to deploy new hardware base for the business consolidation. The older version of hardware may no longer remain viable because of which quick actions are needed. We fix networking gear and the workstations at your premises by so that you don’t have to rely on the server provider with cloud visibility for every small need entirely.

· Employee training: We undertake the routine hosting maintenance on your behalf. We prove our customers with best web hosting:

1) software update

2) Server monitoring

3) Maintenance and deponents services

4) Hardware procurement

· Data backup: Indeed you do not want to lose your data because of any software or hardware amendment. The hosting services do not guarantee customers with the recovery of the lost data. Even in the case of a natural calamity, data loss remains the worst threat of all time. But, with cloud axis managed to host, there is a sense of security and mental peace. There is no point of data loss as we take up backups and provide you with viable data solution so that your business runs without facing any setbacks.

· Physical security: We keep related hardware and servers at our disposal for managing your data security. Our team adequately protects your equipment, and lets you have peace of mind.Cloud Axis is not like other hosting providers like Amazon services which gone down recently and Amazon again come back online.

· Carrier negotiations: We spare you from the undesired bargaining task by charging you exceptionally low. The bandwidth negotiation is certainly an arduous task for most of the clients. We ensure that we provide you with attractive deals that do not pinch your budgets.

Few other details about Cloud Axis services

Cloud Axis Managed Hosting

The current economy needs cost-effective methods for operating companies. The small scale businesses find it quite tough to cope up with heavy hosting charges when profits are low. Cloud axis services channelize you towards low-cost business operations that do not let your business websites get crashed. Since we initiate Linux-based hosting services, there is a complete guarantee that your business shall save money along with getting the needed services. A typical Linux-based hosting service provides everything that a small scale business needs to develop by leaps and bound. Despite being better, it is cost-effective in nature with Joomla hosting.

A perfect for cheap hosting business

The MS SQL database services are a misfit for the small size business as the overall budget needed for managing them is quite high. Cloud axis justifies your budget with a line based hosting. With us, there is no point for you to pay more as Cloud Axis is the cheap website hosting. The open source factor of the Linux-based server is extremely adaptable for all kinds of systems. No matter what technique you have recently adopted, the Linux-based services shall make the transition.

Value for money services with managed hosting

Cloud Axis as cheap hosting

Managed web hosting provides same benefits that of windows. In fact, there are more features than in the case of windows. The websites that are hosted through cloud axis are always up, never crashed and better performing. We let you execute valuable and timely transactions through the high-end Linux managed hosting services.

Better security levels for WordPress hosting

The sensitive data of your business that encompasses financial reports and personal info of the employees needs to be carefully managed for the smoother functioning of the organization. With great iconology come significant risks. The frequency of hacking and crashing are happening more often than they used to happen before. Trojans are commonly posing huge threats by stealing the essential data of the organizations. In such a scenario, there is an acute need for managed hosting services that avoid such disruptions and service failures. We provide you with high-class infrastructure for better security and efficacious working.

Managed team of workers at managed hosting

Our cloud axis services let you cuts costs upon training, equipment, and overhead expenses. Your business can set its priorities and only focus on them without needing to maintain a separate IT team for managing your tasks. We let you keep up to date with the majority of the technical tasks. The prolific group of cloud axis workers encounters those critical issues that most of the organizations often face. The overall costs that your business would have borne by setting a server are reduced manifold. Anytime you can contact us through the official website and social media platforms for resolving you’re the web hosting issues you have.The services are provided to support both the platforms, online and phone support at 18002000980.

Our 360 customer support remains at your disposal around-the-clock for best managed hosting. We are known to troubleshoot real-time problems is difficult for your managed wordpress hosting so we do take care for you, help in disaster recovery, manage server downtime issues and optimize the security of your website. Hiring us to help you is like choosing perfection and lending your business in safe hands.