ClearScale, Onstream partner on IoT intelligence cloud service

ClearScale and Onstream are partnering on an IoT cloud service

Device intelligence automation specialist Onstream is partnering with ClearScale to develop a cloud-based IoT service for smart devices.

Onstream offers a connected device framework that aims to bring data processing closer to the smart devices and sensors generating the data, without having to do much re-coding or bespoke integration between those devices and a centralised repository or application.

The aim of the service is to make device intelligence gathering easier in a distributed infrastructure environment, a need that will likely grow as the volume of data IoT services generate continues to increase.

The companies said the cloud-based implementation of Onstream’s service, called ‘Mesosphere’ (not to be confused with Apache Mesos-based Mesosphere), will allow users to more easily extend the framework to their own customers’ devices.

The service is hosted on AWS infrastructure; ClearScale is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and has worked with companies like Samsung, Aetna and Shinola Detroit to create its cloud integration platform using Docker, open source Samza data stream processing and Amazon EC2 Container Service.

“Onstream is a very innovative company. They wanted to use the best technology to achieve low latency and fast processing for their new framework,” said Pavel Pragin, chief executive of ClearScale. “Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) had just been made generally available, and Onstream was an early adopter. ECS has been instrumental in automating the deployment of Docker containers.”





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