Cloud Pirates Gets Release Date, Launch Content Update – Trailer

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A thousand years ago, the world of Sarnaut was split by a cataclysm into countless islands that drift through the Astral space. Before long, people invented flying ships to travel from island to island, and found artifacts and treasures everywhere. Treasure hunters began to form squadrons, and equipped their airships with various weaponry to protect themselves in their hunt for riches. Bands of Cloud Pirates, as people called them, began to fight each other for the right to plunder the skies for profit and glory!

Players can take command of a customizable airship and navigate the clouds to take part in exciting, fast-paced aerial battles. In Cloud Pirates, captains can blaze through science-fiction fantasy battlefields and cooperate with their squadron to outgun or outsmart the rivaling team.

At launch Cloud Pirates will roll out the “Stronghold” update providing new content and modes not previously found in early access.

The “Stronghold” update brings some exciting new additions to the Cloud Pirates universe including three-man teams, new ratings, Brotherhood Strongholds and Stronghold Siege mode! Also, Captains will now have the opportunity to modify their ship configuration prior or even during battle and to use powerful consumables!

Aspiring sky pirates wishing to get an early start on plundering the sky can purchase one of the various Founder’s Packs on sale at the Cloud Pirate website. In addition to early access to the title, each pack offers unique rewards to assist with each captain’s maiden voyage.

New in the “Stronghold” update:

  • Three Party Groups and Personal Ratings – Now you and two of your friends can take to the skies and hunt together! Also, players will have the option to compare their performance with each ship with that of other Captains! Leaderboards with the names and ratings of the best Captains will be posted on a dedicated portal page for all to see!
  • League System – Stronghold rolls out an all-new league system where Captains can compete to advance through each of the game’s six tiered leagues. Replacing the previous Captain ratings, ranking will be tied to individual ships providing a more refined matchmaking system to ensure equally skilled opponents for each Captain and ship.
  • Brotherhood Strongholds – Captains who have chosen to ally themselves with one Brotherhood or another. They will now get the opportunity to spend the Meteoric Ore obtained in the past in Convoy Mode on creating their very own Brotherhood Strongholds!
  • Stronghold Siege – Available to all Captains, this mode takes place on a special Stronghold map during specific times. The new mode tasks players with protecting their own Stronghold or attacking the enemy’s. The attackers will be able to damage the enemy Stronghold by capturing points and destroying defensive structures with the ultimate goal of assaulting the heart of the enemy base. While the defenders must stop them at all costs! The winners will be rewarded with a new type of currency, allowing them to purchase special customization options – golden cannons.
  • Combat Customization – Captains with Tier 2 ships or higher will have the option to change their ships’ weapon and gear configuration after the start of a battle! This will allow experienced Captains to better face their enemies and to adjust their ship load-out for the ultimate performance! Captains will be able to create several pre-sets before the battle and will be able to switch between these pre-sets during the battle start countdown and after dying when waiting for the respawn at a cost.
  • Consumables – Rank 4 Captains of Tier 2 ships or higher will have the option to use one-time consumables, acquired in the Hangar via the Equipment screen. These consumables will activate automatically and will come in three categories – Offensive (providing an additional ability), Defensive (passive bonus), Special (passive bonus). The consumables available will be unique to each ship and their price will depend on the ship’s Tier.

Cloud Pirates will release its full free-to-play experience on PC this April 19 through Steam or the website.

Cloud Pirates features:

  • Customizable ships: As players’ progress, they will gain access to tons of unique upgrades and weapons that will grant their airships new, powerful abilities. Deck out ships with fearsome and deadly appearances through numerous visual customization options, and develop the captain and crew. Become the scourge of the skies!
  • Team battles: Form a squadron and cooperate with other cloud pirates in strategic battles. Play to the strengths of the team: combine firepower to overwhelm the enemy, or simply outsmart them by beating the other captains to the capture point or loot. Team strategy must be adjusted for each game mode!
  • Cunning tactics: Get in the thick of battle piloting a mighty Dreadnought or mount the sniper’s roost in a light Galleon. Players can try various abilities and surprise their enemies in each battle with new tactics specifically suited for that battlefield. A cunning captain leaves nothing to chance!
  • The 12 Classes available in the Cloud Pirates are:
    • Torpedo clippers: Swift ships packing one hell of a punch
    • Support clippers: Small, agile support ships that provide heals and buffs
    • Engineering frigates: A not so small or fragile support ship that can deploy defensive and offensive drones
    • Sniper galleons: Dishing out damage from afar, with powerful escape abilities just in-case
    • Reinforced galleons: Sporting an array of buffs and debuffs, it’s at home in the heart of the battle
    • Defensive galleons: Capable of trading punches, while buffing their allies, these ships are the backbone of any fleet
    • Support corvettes: Ships fully dedicated to boosting and healing allies
    • Stealth corvettes: Designed for every captain adept at sneaking behind enemy lines and destroying defenseless ships
    • Minelayer corvettes: Torpedo corvettes fitted with point blank area of effect abilities
    • Assault cruisers: Dishing out damage up close and personal, with a strong hull and shield
    • Interceptor cruisers: Vampire ships weakening its target to buff itself
    • Battleships: The paramount of ship customization, battleships can be fitted with various type of weapons and abilities, allowing you to get creative and surprise your opponents.

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