A Complete Guide on Playing Rummy Online

The popularity of rummy is increasing across the world. Nothing can beat the feeling of playing rummy from the comfort of your home. By following the rummy rules mentioned below, the amateurs can enjoy the game online and make the most of it. You need to learn some of the basic Indian rummy rules to play without any discomfort.

Guide to Online Rummy

While playing rummy online, one needs to concentrate on the game.Here are some of the basic rummy rules and terminologies that every beginner should study to play the rummy game online.

Deck of Cards

A set of 52 cards is called a deck of cards. In any rummy game, two decks of cards along with 2 printed jokers are used.


Joker is the game turner in a rummy game. There are two types of jokers in a game – printed joker & cut joker. The printed joker has a joker printed on it while the cut joker is the card that is selected by random after all cards are dealt to the players. All cards with same rank as that of cut joker are considered as cut jokers.


A round starts when the players are distributed with cards. This act of distributing the cards among the players is called as dealing. The cards are shuffled well by a random number generator before dealing.


A round is the part of the rummy game which starts with the dealing of the cards to each player and ends when a player registers a successful show or the prize is being split.

Draw & Discard

After the cards are dealt to each player in a rummy game, the game starts. A player needs to throw one card and pick up other. The process of throwing an unwanted card is called ‘Discard’. While the player picks a card from any of the two piles – the discarded pile or the un-dealt cards pile. This process of picking the cards is called ‘Draw’.

Meld & Show

The major objective of 13 card rummy is to arrange these cards in groups of 4, 3, 3, and 3 cards. These groups can be either ‘Set’ or ‘Life’. Once the player has made the groups, he can submit his cards for validation. This act of submission is called ‘Show’. In order to make a successful show, the player needs to arrange cards in groups and it is called ‘Meld’ or ‘Melding’.

Pure Life

A pure life is a group of simultaneous group of cards of same suit. For example – 7, 8, and 9 of Hearts suit is a pure life sequence.

The Final Verdict

These are some of the most basic rules and terminologies associated with the game of rummy. You need to learn them well to starting playing rummy online. Happy gaming!