Cradlepoint Acquires Pertino for SDN Expertise

George Mulhern, CEO and chairman of the board for Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint, a network solutions provider specializing in software-defined 4G LTE offerings, has acquired software-defined networking and network as a service provider Pertino for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition, which was announced earlier this month, allows Cradlepoint to incorporate the Pertino cloud platform and its SDN capabilities into the company’s 4G, wireless and MPLS wide area network (WAN) solutions, according to the announcement.

Cradlepoint said it hopes to meet the growing need for SDN-centric enterprise network solutions as well as to create “fluid” networking options. This will allow CIOs to support new services and develop cost-effective business strategies, according to George Mulhern, CEO and chairman of the board for Cradlepoint.

“As enterprises begin to connect ‘things (IoT)’ as well as people and places, they are telling us that they need a more scalable, secure and agile network,” said Mulhern in a statement. “Our ability to help global customers through this transition to an agile, software-driven infrastructure and service delivery framework was a key driver in the decision to acquire Pertino.”

Unsurprisingly, the convergence of cloud, the Internet of Things and mobile solutions means there is a greater need among enterprise customers for WAN solutions. Cradlepoint is banking on that need to grow its 4G LTE solutions so it can ultimately provide its customers with faster and more reliable connectivity, according to the company.

The Pertino acquisition is expected to be especially important in helping Cradlepoint to help customers build virtual networks running on the public Internet with virtual services. The anticipated growth of the mobile workforce was also a major factor in Cradlepoint’s decision to purchase Pertino, according to Craig Elliot, co-founder and CEO of Pertino.

“By 2020, the number of mobile workers is expected to swell to over 72% of the U.S. workforce, tablets and smartphones will far exceed PCs and servers, and over 8 billion ‘things’ will need secure, always-on connectivity to the enterprise,” said Elliot. “These seismic trends are creating the need for more scalable, secure, agile and reliable WANs with pervasive wireless connectivity. Together, we’re bringing the benefits of SDN and cloud networking to 4G LTE connectivity for enterprises, SMEs and carriers worldwide, creating a new category of software-defined 4G LTE networks in the process.”