Crypt Worlds sequel Crypt Underworld to take piss physics to another level

Crypt Underworld

*searches PC Gamer database for a mention of Crypt Worlds, sadly comes up empty*. Crypt Worlds! Crypt Worlds is a freeware first-person explore-o RPG, and it is the weirdest thing you’ve never played, unless you’ve played it, and then it is the weirdest thing you have. It’s a game about a person in a very strange place, but mainly it is a game about piss—about pissing on things to make other things happen.

You should probably play Crypt Worlds, and when you’re done, know that its creators are on the Kickstarter funding an expanded sequel, Crypt Underworld. It’s a “first-person hell labyrinth about eating garbage food and finding weird trinkets and exploring vast decaying cityscapes while trying not to vomit constantly”, and in that way, it’s very much like my life.

Some of the ways the sequel will build on Crypt Worlds, from the Kickstarter page:

“you can piss on people to knock off their limbs and steal them”

“a complex set of interlocking narratives, with the ability to befriend and become close with certain characters”

“a focus on day-to-day life in the city as you uncover its secrets”

“an apartment you can upgrade, and decorate with the things you find in the world. if you are a dracula you can buy a coffin for it”

Crypt Underworld

It sounds a bit like Jazzpunk meets Ultima Underworld, two names that look very good together indeed.

The developers are asking for $10,000, and after a day they’ve raised just over $2,000 of that. The game’s expected to be done December 2017.