Cult Classic Puzzle Game ‘Fez’ Gets A $100 Limited Edition For Mac And PC


Fez, one of the best indie video games is back, not in the form of a sequel, but a special edition that will cost $100. The big question right now is whether or not the price tag is worth it.

Polytron, the company behind the game, hopes that fans will respond favorably to the special edition of Fez despite their decision to cancel the sequel.

What makes this edition so special? Well, nothing in terms of new gameplay or in-game items. The developer is releasing this game with a red hardcover notebook and a matching slipcase. It also comes with a copy of the game’s soundtrack from the composer, Disasterpeace.

According to Polytron’s storefront, only 500 units will be available, and each one will be signed and numbered by the creator, Phil Fish. The game will only be available for PC and Mac, so no love for console gamers this time around.

If you are a fan who hopes to get this game in time for Christmas, you’re out of luck because the developers say that fans should not expect it to be “in time for delivery before Dec. 25.”

Is it worth throwing down on this game?

From the look of things, $100 is a lot of money for a special edition of a game that was originally released three years ago. Moreover, the hardcover notebook is a blank slate: Yes, there’s nothing inside. Fans who were hoping to find interesting behind-the-scenes art or information regarding the story of Fez in this notebook might get disappointed.

Still, the hardcover book does look beautiful, so we believe hardcore Fez fans might get it. Everyone else, however, might take a backseat and contemplate whether the contents justify the $100 asking price. On the other hand, audiophiles may consider buying the two-disc vinyl version of the indie game’s soundtack.