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    Included in the Xbox One listing of Dark Souls III is leaked information regarding the RPG’s as yet unannounced Season Pass, which will include 2 DLC packs.

    The highly anticipated conclusion in the Dark Souls trilogy is still two months away from launch in the western world. Fans are hardly waiting patiently, poring over the first two games and collecting lore and story in preparation for the inevitable mysteries to be found in Dark Souls III. Yet even knowing that Dark Souls III will be the end of the trilogy, or as much of an ending as From Software deigns to provide, there will perpetually be a search for more. It’s core to the Dark Souls experience.

    From Software understands that craving, and caters to it as much as is reasonable. It should come as no surprise then that today the first details were leaked regarding Dark Souls III‘s post-launch DLC. The Dark Souls III digital listing went live on the Xbox One marketplace and along with it a listing for a Season Pass, which will be part of a digital bundle currently available for pre-order. Previously unconfirmed, the Dark Souls 3 Season Pass shouldn’t surprise fans since Dark Souls II featured one as well.

    Dark Souls III‘s Season Pass won’t stray too far from the franchise’s standard for post-launch DLC. Only two DLC packs will be included with the Season Pass, each released individually a certain amount of time after the full game launches in April. The DLC will include additional areas that expand upon the base game’s setting, including bosses, weapons, armor, and plenty of subtle storytelling. More information is expected when the Season Pass is officially announced.

    Dark Souls III Season Pass DLC Details

    A Dark Souls III Season Pass isn’t like the Dark Souls II Season Pass, though, is it? It’s not like post-launch content for Bloodborne or any of From’s other projects. Dark Souls III is meant to be the conclusion of the franchise, so announcing post-launch content for a conclusion is often not particularly well received. It’s tough coming back to a definitive conclusion after the fact without messing with the plot a bit.

    From Software may get a bit of a free pass in this regard, however. Their post-launch content has been almost universally well-received, and the game’s aren’t particularly plot driven in the first place. Still, those who think back to Dark Souls II and consider how the game and its Crowns DLC might be taken if it was the final chapter of a trilogy of games, it might change their opinion overall. The Crowns DLC offered the true ending of that game, and making the true ending of a game only available in DLC is rarely received well.

    It’s important to remember, however, that Dark Souls III is being handled by director Hidetaka Miyazaki. He also handled the original Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and most definitely wouldn’t risk his overall vision for the series for the sake of DLC — one would hope. No, he’s much more likely toleave fans muddled and pining for more, and then deliver DLC that’s engrossing and yet leaves the player wanting more. Maybe that’s the best way to end Dark Souls — with players frustrated and driven mad wanting more.

    Dark Souls III is scheduled for release on April 12 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Season Pass has yet to be officially confirmed, and may yet change from the two DLC packs revealed in today’s leak. Expect more information in the weeks or months ahead.


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