Destiny: Bungie Reveals the Queen of the Reef’s Fate

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Is Destiny‘s Mara Sov, Queen of the Reef dead or alive? Bungie reveals the character’s fate and teases the past version ofDestiny‘s story as well as its future.

In Destiny, the Queen of the Reef is a major character in the lore and story of the game. She helps get the player to the original campaign’s last level, and her realm of the Vestian Outpost was heavily featured in Destiny‘s second expansion, House of Wolves.

In the opening cinematic of The Taken King expansion, the Queen, Mara Sov, and her forces are engaged in a grand space battle with Oryx, the titular villain of the expansion. Things quickly turn South for Sov and it appears as though she is destroyed by a giant blast. The Destiny community has said the lore from the game (known as the Grimoire) hints that she still lives, but today Bungie confirmed it to be true—the Queen of the Reef is alive.

The news came during Bungie’s weekly stream, a new endeavor for the developer as it tries to open up communication with its community during this time between content drops. In today’s stream focusing on the Audio Team at Bungie, the voice actor between Mara Sov, Kirsten Potter, was a in-studio guest.

The Queen Kirsten Potter

While talking with Creative Story Lead CJ Cowan, Cowan revealed that Bungie has big plans for Mara Sov in the future of the franchise:

“This is totally spoiling like Destiny 2020 or something but when we get to that world down the road where that original pirate Queen comes out, I think it’s going to be a really powerful moment.”

When he says “original pirate Queen” he is referring to the preceding conversation, where Potter and Cowan were discussing how Destiny‘s story—and the Queen’s character—has changed over development.

In what seemingly confirms previous rumors that Destiny’s original story was scrapped a year away from launch, Potter said Mara Sov’s character completely changed. In the original version ofDestiny‘s story, Sov was a space pirate who had “lots of weapons” and who actively fought other characters, presumably in cutscenes that existed in the original story.

Cowan said that during Destiny‘s development the team at Bungie and Potter spent “two to three years working on the version of the Queen […] where she was the pirate.” In essence, she was a much grittier character before the rewrites.

After that time, as Potter says, she was put on break, presumably at the point that Destiny‘s original story written by longtime Bungie veteran Joe Staten was thrown out and rewritten. When Potter was brought back to Bungie to continue work on Destiny she was presented with the version of the Queen fans now know, and told “this is the new story.”

Bungie’s stream turned into a fascinating reveal, not only for the future of Mara Sov’s character, but also giving fans a glimpse into the past. It’s unclear when the Queen may reappear in Destiny‘s story—perhaps she could return for the big Spring update or the major expansion coming this fall. Or she might be missing in action until the full sequel coming next year.


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