Destiny: King’s Fall Raid World Record Set at 34 Minutes

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For Destiny fans, The Taken King was a real breath of fresh air. The game’s biggest expansion to date demonstrated all that Bungie has learned from a year of passionate fan response, and the result was a content-heavy package that reshuffled the deck in a broadly positive manner.

For many, the most exciting part of The Taken King was the prospect of a new Raid. The Vault of Glass and Crota’s End are considered to be among the best experiences to be had in Destiny, so fans were disappointed when the House of Wolves expansion launched without a six-player dungeon to attempt.

However, the King’s Fall Raid was worth the wait. Set on the space-horror infused Dreadnaught that Oryx rides into the solar system, it’s the sort of challenge seasoned players are hungry for — and now the world record time for completing the Raid has been set at an impressive 34 minutes.

Video footage uploaded to YouTube by a player named Tfue shows him and five other Guardians tackling the Raid, clocking a final time of 34:09. For comparison, one of the first groups to clear King’s Fall took around seven hours to make their way through the Dreadnaught and put Oryx away.

Of course, anyone who’s been following Destiny will have expected that time to be beaten fairly quickly. The Vault of Glass was considered the ultimate challenge in the base game, but soon became the subject of a back-and-forth race to hold to world record — not to mention other challenges that players took on to increase its difficulty.

While The Taken King launched last month, Guardians had to wait a while before Bungie opened up the King’s Fall Raid for those players with sufficient gear. It’s worth noting that this impressive world record comes just over two weeks after the first time that anyone could access the Raid.

That makes the feat all the more impressive — but it has to be said, Destiny players can certainly rack up plenty of hours spent in-game. It was reported over the summer thatGuardians have already racked up 2 billion hours of play, and this was before The Taken King was even released.

There was a time when Destiny was looked upon as a failure, with the base game being one of the more contentious releases in recent memory. However, the outlook seems very different followingThe Taken King, which was a much better package in just about every respect.

Now, players will have to wait and see what Bungie has in store for the future — and in the meantime, expect to see plenty of competition for the newly set world record for the King’s Fall Raid.



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