Destiny Players Will Be Able to Overlevel for New Rise of Iron Raid

Destiny Players Will Be Able to Overlevel for New Rise of Iron Raid

Bungie’s design team reveals that the new Destiny raid, Wrath of the Machine, will more closely resemble Vault of Glass in that the experience will be less technical.

Among the Destiny community there is a growing debate about what exactly makes the endgame raids great. Some prefer the ones that offer unique experiences and take players to unseen areas inDestiny lore, while others simply want an epic showdown.

Luckily, with the latest Destiny raid, King’s Fall, developer Bungie offered a little bit of both. The raid was the longest endgame encounter seen thus far, and it featured numerous showdowns with smaller sub-bosses. However, it was also very mechanics heavy, meaning that no matter a player’s light level, if they didn’t know the fight their team was unlikely to succeed.

Vault of Glass and Crota’s End, on the other hand, were focused on surviving an onslaught of enemies and doing as much damage as possible. To start, the raids were pretty difficult because players were so underleveled, but as they accumulated raid gear and raised their light level, the encounters became easier. In fact, Crota’s End became so easy that many players were beating the whole raid solo.

So obviously there are currently two schools of thought with Destiny raids: the mechanics-heavy approach and the damage-heavy one. But since King’s Fall was such a centerpiece of Year 2, Bungie has decided to go the other way with Rise of Iron’s raid, Wrath of the Machine. As revealed in an interview with Game Informer, Wrath of Machine will more closely mirror Crota’s End and Vault of Glass in that the high light level players are the easier the encounters will be.


In the developers’ own words, it will be possible for players to over-level past the Wrath of the Machine base recommendation and have an easier and easier time. Whereas King’s Fall was always a challenge because players needed to execute specific roles, it sounds like Wrath of the Machine will put a greater focus on how much damage the team can do.

This approach is sure to be polarizing for Destiny players depending on their feelings about the King’s Fall raid. Those who enjoyed the focus on mechanics will likely be disappointed that Wrath of the Machine isn’t following a similar path, while those who preferred Vault of Glass will welcome the new raid with open arms.

Regardless of how players feel, though, it’s hard to deny the excitement surrounding the Destiny community knowing that a new raid is less than a month away. In fact, it’s been a long time sinceDestiny added any meaningful content outside of a new Strike for the April Update. Private matches, new weapons, new armor, and even a new story centered on the Iron Lords are all just waiting around the corner.



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