Destiny’s New Emotes Include the Carlton Dance & More

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Like it or not, Destiny is set to add its first set of microtransactions with this Tueday’s reset. Granted, all of the items that will be offered by the Eververse Trading Company – in exchange for a real-world currency called Silver – are cosmetic, but if this is the start of a trend it could spell bad news for Destiny players.

Even so, it’s fair to say there are plenty of players who are fine with the idea of cosmetic microtransactions in Destiny. Since the current plan is only to sell emotes (and potentially sparrow skins), there isn’t too much to be worried about. In fact, some players say they would even pay a little extra if it meant unlocking a dance like The Carlton, for example.

Well, those players are in luck, as Destiny has today previewed a few of their upcoming paid emotes and wouldn’t you know, the Carlton Dance is included. It appears the emotes were shared with various Destiny streamers from throughout the Twitch and online community, but Reddit has been kind enough to collect them into one convenient place. Check out a few of them below and see the full preview here.

Destiny Carlton Dance


Bungie said they would offer 18 emotes in total, so it appears that we have seen the bulk of them. Truthfully, while emotes may not be entirely useful for gameplay, some of these are cheeky enough to be worth the transaction.

Those who don’t want to spend the Silver, however, are in luck, as Bungie promised to give each Destiny player a small allowance to spend at the Eververse Trading Company. The developer seemingly wants to show players that the emotes are completely optional, while still offering them a chance to try out one or two.

Obviously, a set of new dances or hand gestures aren’t going to radically change the Destinyexperience, but with The Taken King Bungie has afforded themselves the opportunity to add features like these. Now that they have a better handle on how story content and loot should work, silly peripheral elements like these are more acceptable.

As a matter of fact, these emotes will help fund future Destiny content, including expansion-like drops and new quests. See, rather than charge players for a Season Pass, Bungie decided to offer all of the post-release content for Destiny: The Taken King completely free.

That way the studio can ensure all players have the same content and no one is left out. It also means that the one-time purchase of Destiny: The Taken King is all you need. If those players want to help the cause by purchasing an emote or two, then Bungie will happily accept the money. But it’s all completely optional.





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