Epic Games’ New Project To Be Announced Soon?

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New cryptic teasers from Epic Games suggest that the company is about to reveal its next major project. Do these phrases or symbols mean anything to you?

Epic Games may be out of the Gears of War business, but the North Carolina-based gaming powerhouse is still hard at work. The company has been a bit secretive about what it has in the pipeline, but a new string of teasers offer the first hints about what secret project the team is working on.

The teasers have been arriving around the world in the form of little metal cards that hint at what is likely a new game. The cards have a number of different phrases on them like “For Valor” and “For Grace.” Each slogan is numbered and there are apparently 30 variations floating around. The card also says “You Are Invited,” but doesn’t offer any other concrete details about what people are invited to or when it is happening.

The reverse side of the teaser plates features a design that is likely the logo for a new game. At a glance the symbol could be mistaken for something from the Assassin’s Creed universe, but at closer inspection it seems to be original and unrelated to any existing games that we know about.


Epic Games has been working on Unreal Tournament and Fortnite lately and this is the first hint of a third new game in development. Fortnite’s alpha launched almost a year ago and the game is scheduled for release before 2016, so some of the company’s resources are likely about to be freed up to concentrate on a new property.

The teaser cards that we’ve seen mention things like valor and grace which don’t offer a ton of clues, but do tend to bring images of war games to our minds. With the loss of Gears of War, it is possible that Epic Games is looking to create the next big AAA action shooter.

The market for military shooters is as flooded as ever with the usual annual installment of Call of Duty and other takes on the genre like Star Wars: Battlefront, but if Epic can deliver an experience as groundbreaking as the first Gears of War, it should have a real chance at stealing the spotlight. It’s also worthwhile pointing out that this game is likely at least a year away, unless Epic has something very tricky up its sleeve.






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