‘Fallout 4’ Modder Discovers Hidden Underwater Gun Suggesting Water-Based Level In The Works

Fallout 4 Gun

Fallout 4 is leaking with more and more secrets and cheats.

The latest discovery has led many others to hypothesize that the game may or may not come with a brand new kind of level.

Yes, a new kind of level. Whereas a majority of Fallout 4 has taken place on land within the Wasteland, a newly discovered piece of code ousting a harpoon gun suggests an emphasis on water.

It could be an underwater level, or underwater combat. Who knows, but the code is still there. Uncovered by Fallout 4 modder, xxdeathknight72xx, the harpoon gun comes complete with a bubble-spewing reload animation. The harpoon gun can be used in the game using xxdeathknight72xx’s mod but it is low-resolution and has some janky animation issues here and there. Nonetheless, it is functional.

Partly gruesome and partly hilarious, gamers can use the harpoon gun for headshots at enemies to decapitate them. Their severed heads would then go flying off towards a wall where they’ll remain pinned. It’s a cruel joke, yes, but it does provide for some interesting in-game variety.

The fact that the development of the harpoon gun isn’t yet complete either means that further use of the item and possible scenarios for it were scrapped by Bethesda, or it will eventually be polished for more refined gameplay in a patch or upcoming DLC sometime in the future.

A water-based level isn’t too far a stretch anyway. Fallout: New Vegas, in fact, had an underwater mission. In that specific instance, however, there was no underwater combat. Using the harpoon gun in actual combat in Fallout 4will replace the Railway Gun if its present in player’s arsenal of weapons. Previous to this mod, a secret developer’s room was discovered that allowed access to every single item in Fallout 4 including weapons, armor, and more.

 Using the harpoon gun does come with some caveats nonetheless. The modder points out that ammo is not able to be picked up so players need to add ammo by using commands. Moreover, xxdeathknight72xx warns that the harpoon gun is still an undeveloped weapon so PC players install this mod at their own risk.

For the time being, Fallout 4 gamers do have a new toy to play with for now thanks to modders like xxdeathknight72xx who do the long, hard dirty work of digging into the game’s RPG files to excavate little nuggets like the harpoon gun. You can watch the harpoon gun in action in the video below.