‘Fallout 4’ Power Armor: Where To Get Fusion Cores And How To Get Them Unlimited

'Fallout 4'

There is no doubt Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is a massive success, even exceeding the expectations of fans who awaited its release not so long ago. In fact, quite a few positive reviews have cropped up over the Internet singing praises to the latest title of the series and to Bethesda.

It is undeniable as well that gamers are in search of supplies, particularly Fusion Cores, which are used to run the Power Armor (a special type of armor in Fallout 4).

Here is where to get Fusion Cores and how to get them unlimited.

Fusion Core Locations

Here is what we know so far about where to find Fusion Cores.

1. Kellogg’s House

Head over to Nick Valentine’s detective agency in Diamond City upon finishing the third quest, “Jewel of the Commonwealth.” When you get there, Nick’s assistant will prompt players with a mission named “Unlikely Valentine,” while NIck will assign the quest “Getting A Clue” and give a key to Kellogg’s house.

Approach the desk on the ground floor when inside the house and crouch underneath it. Press the red button beneath to open a secret panel on a wall nearby. Inside, you’ll find an ammo box with four Fusion Cores.

2. Fort Hagen

Fort Hagen is placed close to the western edge of the Commonwealth.

Inside an engine stored within a generator room is one Fusion Core. Explore the side spaces that branch off from the main passageway to find the one that leads to this room. Before reaching the generator room, players should encounter a number of enemies.

3. Starlight Drive-In

Check out the back of the three-story screen at the ground level to acquire one Fusion Core. Select the lock of the door going toward the storage room. The Fusion Core is found on a shelf.

 4. The Castle

Inside the Castle, one Fusion Core can be found in a closed back room inside the armory tunnels. Before getting there, players should have to eliminate the aquatic opponents first.

5. USAF Satellite Station Olivia

The USAF Satellite Station Olivia is found at the east of the Sanctuary, across the water. One Fusion Core is positioned in the huge open power room found in the basement. Take note that most of the opponents are underground, patrolling the interior of the base.  

6. Weston Water Treatment Plant

Players have to go to the basement in the structure and look for the four Fusion Cores hidden there.

7. Greenetech Genetics

Two Fusion Cores can be uncovered on two different floors of Greenetech Genetics. Be prepared to deal with enemies. It is also essential to deactivate turrets and be cautious about the tripwires.

8. Hardware Town

Hardware Town sits at the central part of the Commonwealth. It hosts Raiders, so it’s vital to bring heavy firepower along. Four Fusion Cores can be nabbed in this particular location.

9. Recon Bunker Theta

This area is seen north of Radio Tower 3SM-U81. Two Fusion Cores could be spotted in the building as soon as the bunker’s safety is made sure. This location is part of the quest named “The Lost Patrol.” Again, you need to have armor to wipe out foes.

How To Get Unlimited Fusion Cores

This technique, uncovered by Reddit user pornomatique, allows users to have access to unlimited Fusion Cores for their Power Armor.

Users should locate a Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) from whom they will be able to grab unlimited Fusion Cores.

The BoS soldier can be spotted at the Boston Airport, guarding the entrance to the airport’s long hallway.

If users, however, play on PC and have no issue with using cheats, they can alternatively use the console commands together with the item code “00075fe4” to gain Fusion Cores.