‘Fallout 4’ Smashes Records, Sees 12 Million Copies Worth $750 Million Sold On Day One

Fallout 4 Sales

The Fallout 4 launch last Nov. 10 was massive. But just how big did it get?

In a press release Bethesda Softworks announced that Fallout 4 is currently charting record sales on both digital purchases from PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox and retail outlets. The company revealed that in order to meet demands on day one, it needed to ship roughly 12 million copies of the game to retailers all over the globe. The 12 million copies amount to more than $750 million in sales. The company also confirmed that Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition got sold just hours after its availability was announced.

According to Bethesda, major retailers disclosed that Fallout 4now holds the record as the preordered game of 2015. Moreover, the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is now the fastest-selling collector’s edition and sits atop every game in history. Note that these figures are from major retailers that Bethesda did not specify.

As for digital sales, Fallout 4 is now the top game played on Steam and has charted 470,000 concurrent players. The Fallout Pip-Boycompanion app also topped the game category of the iTunes App Store. Twitch reported that Fallout 4 is the most viewed game launch among games that were released in 2015.

Fallout 4 is a masterpiece in game development and storytelling, providing fans hundreds of hours of fun as they explore and are challenged by this fascinating, beautifully crafted world,” saysPresident of Bethesda Softworks Vlatko Andonov.

When it was announced during E3 2015, Fallout 4 received over 160 awards. The critically-acclaimed game continued its rampage in terms of recognitions from various reviewers. Bethesda points out that the reviewers commended the game’s detailed vast world, exploration, shooting mechanics, freedom of action, meaningful player choices, crafting systems and hours of gameplay.

However, while most who reviewed the game think that it is wonderful and awesome, some think otherwise. Yes, it has bugs, but what game doesn’t? Yes dogmeat is invincible, but couldn’t you do that in Fallout 3? Millions of people are enjoying the Fallout 4 party, why turn off the lights? Depraved party-pooper.