Fallout 4 Xbox One Download Size Revealed

One of the biggest issues that gamers have constantly run into with current-gen hardware has been the limitations of each platform’s hard drive. While each launched with 500 GB, consumers have quickly found themselves filling it up in very little time – forcing both Microsoft and Sony to start shipping 1 terabyte units. Even then, the file sizes of hotly anticipated games like Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4are sure to be talking points for those with cluttered drives.

Bethesda’s aforementioned fourth iteration of the Falloutfranchise in particular is one that many would expect to take up a ton of space on Xbox One and PS4. That’s certainly the case – as it is for many Triple-A titles – but the file size itself may not be as large as fans may have initially believed it to be. Instead, gamers can expect Fallout 4 to take up just over 28 GB on Xbox One.

This news came about through Microsoft’s digital storefront, which lists the title as a 28.12 GB download. Given the sheer scale of Fallout 4, which is said to contain at least twice as many assets as Skyrim, many would be forgiven for being a little surprised by how tiny the game actually is when compared to other blockbusters. That said, Fallout: New Vegas only weighed in at 4.75 GB, withFallout 3 besting that with 5.48 GB, so perhaps it’s really not all that surprising – despite it being on newer hardware.

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Major work was also likely put into compression to make it so small, and other companies would be smart to take note given the limited space available on both consoles. It’s also likely that the title will be the same size on PlayStation 4 and PC, but that’s yet to be confirmed by Bethesda. With that in mind, it would make sense for that information to come about soon to correspond with this news, and to let players make some room for the impending apocalyptic RPG on their platform of choice.

While the wait for Fallout 4 has been a seemingly long one, even when taking into consideration Bethesda’s decision to hold off on announcing it until it was near completion, there have been plenty of ways gamers have been keeping themselves entertained. Whether tackling Grand Theft Auto 5 mods featuring Fallout garb or enjoying videos the developer has been releasing for its impending product, there’s been plenty to keep gamers busy.

More information on the next Fallout is sure to be arriving in the near future, so keep your Pip-Boy dialled in to Game Rant for any and all info on the game.
























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