Fallout 76 Survival UPDATE: Inside the Vault reveals new mode and release plans

Fallout 76 Survival Mode has been revealed

Fallout 76 Survival Mode has been revealed (Image: BETHESDA)

Bethesda has revealed their plans to release a new PvP mode in Fallout 76, although it won’t be going live until later in 2019.

Sharing details in the weekly Inside the Vault blog, a new mode was officially announced for next week.

Bethesda has been teasing a new PvP mode since last year and has now provided full details on this will be.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode will offer fans “high-stakes, and deadly adventures” away from the current experience available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Like Fallout 76, the new Survival Mode will continue to be supported by Bethesda with new content into the future.

Survival Mode will include the same storyline and content from the original mode but will have every player outside of your party flagged as hostile.

Players will be limited to spawning at their C.A.M.P. or Vault 76 after they have been killed, while Bethesda is also offering better rewards for PvP combat.

“We’re also planning to award you double the Caps when you kill another player, and they may drop their Aid or other items in addition to their Junk,” Bethesda explains in their blogpost.

“Added risks and rewards like these in Survival mode PVP will make each of your deaths more devastating, and every kill you rack up much more lucrative.

“However, it’s important to note that these changes aren’t set in stone, and we’ll be looking to make adjustments based on playtesting and your feedback during the Survival Beta.

“It’s also worth noting that players who are currently in Adventure mode worlds are completely separate from those in Survival mode, so you won’t need to worry about Survival players coming for your Aid items or double Cap rewards when you’re in Adventure mode.”

Survival Mode will also offer more incentive for PvP by adding a leaderboard chart, tracking your progress against those players you share the current game world with.

Fallout 76 is getting a big update in March

Fallout 76 is getting a big update in March (Image: BETHESDA)

This all sounds like good ways to keep players engaged, as they will also have the choice of making a new character, or switching over their current build.

Fallout 76’s lacklustre PvP mechanic is one of the areas that has held back the game’s current multiplayer ambitions.

Instead of encounters with other players being tense and intriguing, they usually boil down to walking away casually while being peppered with inconsequently bullets.

Survival Mode has a rough release date set for March 2019 but this could change depending on what new stuff Bethesda has planned.

“Our hope is to roll out the Survival Beta in March. However, we still have a lot more work to do on Leaderboards and other features and may need more development time for testing,” Bethesda adds.

“Stay tuned for more information on the exact timing, and an even more in-depth look at Survival mode as we get closer to release.”