Final Fantasy 15 DLC Will Add Online Multiplayer

Final Fantasy 15 DLC Will Add Online Multiplayer

Final Fantasy 15 DLC director Haruyoshi Sawatari reveals that the final DLC expansion for the game, the Comrades pack, will add online co-op for multiple players.

After a decade in development, Final Fantasy XV has gone gold. To celebrate the occasion, Square Enix has pulled the curtain back on the game’s sixth and final piece of DLC, so that gamers know what to expect from its season pass and how the long-awaited experience will be extended in 2017. According to the game’s DLC director, Haruyoshi Sawatari, Final Fantasy XV‘s final DLC pack will add 4-player online co-op to the game.

The sixth DLC pack for Final Fantasy XV is called the Comrades pack. One player will play as Noctis, whereas everyone else will take control of his party members as they set out in online adventures. It’s been suggested that this content will take players to completely new locations not found in the base game, but Sawatari has stressed that the multiplayer DLC for Final Fantasy XV is still in the planning stages.

Final Fantasy XV‘s DLC team at Square Enix will want to take its time adding multiplayer to the game. Outside of MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XI and XIV, multiplayer has not been a focus of main series Final Fantasy games. In fact, Final Fantasy XV will be the first non-MMO game in the series to have multiplayer at all, and if it’s not implemented well, it may turn off some fans on buying the season pass.


At this point, so little is known about Final Fantasy XV‘s multiplayer DLC to make any judgments. Fans aren’t sure where it takes place, how multiplayer will work, or how it fits into the game’s storyline. However, we do know that the new playable characters should at least be well-rounded once they are made available to fans, as each of them will have their own story episodes prior to the Comrades pack. These story episodes should not only flesh out the characters more, but they will also help players learn how to play as someone other than Noctis in preparation for the Comrades DLC.

So, when can fans expect multiplayer to be added to Final Fantasy XV? Well, the Comrades pack will be the last DLC pack released for the game, and before it launches, three episodes starring Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto are going to be released. Furthermore, since the multiplayer DLC is only in the planning stages at this point, it seems like mid to late 2017 would make the most sense as a potential release window, but that’s just speculation at this time.

While the release window for the multiplayer DLC is unclear, one thing is for certain: the post-launch team for Final Fantasy XV certainly has its hands full. Besides multiplayer, the team is also working on item packs, cosmetics, and the story episodes with three different playable characters – and that’s not to mention the PlayStation VR experience that is also in the works for the game. Here’s hoping Final Fantasy XV is the hit Square Enix needs it to be so that all this hard work pays off, and faith is restored in the Final Fantasy brand name.



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