Fortnite Patch v5.30 Data Mine Reveals New Skins, Weapons, and More

Fortnite Patch v5.30 Data Mine Reveals New Skins, Weapons, and More


  • Fortnite patch v5.30 now live
  • Upcoming skins, weapons spotted in game files
  • Some already available in store

Fortnite patch v5.30 dropped Thursday, sending data-mining enthusiasts into overdrive as they dove into the game files looking for upcoming skins, weapons, back blings, gliders, emotes, trails, and pickaxes.

In addition to the Rift-To-Go portable rift that Epic Games teased earlier in the week and a new Score Royale limited-time mode, Twitter user ‘TwoEpicBuddies’ and the fan-run website have uncovered a series of items.

The skins include Armadillo Skin, Backbone Skin, Chopper Skin, Cloaked Star Skin, Dreamflower Skin, Enforcer Skin, Far Out Man Skin, Hime Skin, Musha Skin, Ravage Skin, Scorpion Skin, and Ace Skin. Among new weapons, there’s a flamethrower, a Quad (rocket) Launcher, and a Shockwave Grenade.

Moving on to back blings, Fortnite patch v5.30 brings Buckled Back Bling, Dark Wings Back Blings, Ghost Portal Back Bling, Hip Shakers Back Bling, Road Flair Back Bling, Road Ready Back Bling, Sashimono Back Bling, Shiro Back Bling, Slashed Back Bling, Subjugator Back Bling, Summer Strummer Back Bling, Swag Bag Back Bling, and Vintage Back Bling.

Among upcoming glider options, there is Blaze Glider, Flappy Glider, Helium Glider, Purrfect Glider, Rush Glider, Steadfast Glider, and Tie-Dye Flyer. In the emotes section, you’ve Capoeira Emote, Dance Therapy Emote, Fancy Feet Emote, Intensity Emote, Job Well Done Emote, Praise The Tomato Emote, Shake It Up Emote, and Storm Salutation Emote.

There are three new upcoming trails in Embers Trail, Artifact Trail, and Dark Feathers Trail. That leaves five pickaxes including Cat’s Claw Pickaxe, Controller Pickaxe, Drumbeat Pickaxe, Iron Break Pickaxe, and Throttle Pickaxe.

Some of these items are now available in the store, Epic Games announced hours later, including Praise The Tomato Emote and Bushido Gear, which covers Hime Skin, Musha Skin, Purrfect Glider, and Cat’s Claw Pickaxe.