From Software Shows Off New Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

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In just under two months (less for Japanese gamers), From Software will conclude its epic and brutally difficult trilogy with Dark Souls 3. Although many fans will be sad to see it go, From andseries creator Hidetaka Miyazaki have also made sure that those players have enough time to soakDark Souls 3 in by releasing, like they have today, new pieces of gameplay footage and awesome trailers.

The latest footage for Dark Souls 3 comes by way of a recent livestream, in which the Japanese developers at From Software walked players through some of the game’s essential pieces. The livestream focused specifically on combat and random enemy encounters, showing how players will have to be on their toes if they want to survive in the land of the Lord of Cinder.

Admittedly, since the livestream was in Japanese it’s hard to get the full picture, but the footage is impressive nonetheless. With the power of current-gen platforms and the PC at their fingertips, From Software has been able to push the Souls series even further. Now, the gothic fantasy aesthetic can look both horrific and beautiful.

Check out a few highlights from the Dark Souls 3 livestream thanks to the fine folks atDualShockers

If nothing else, the Dark Souls 3 footage proves that enemies will be just as devious as in past games. Unpredictable patterns and surprise attacks are two signature traits of the series, and they appear to be plentiful in the new game.

However, alongside new enemies players will have access to new move sets, abilities, and the new Thief class. While Dark Souls’ spiritual spin-off Bloodborne focused weapon-based variety when it came to combat, Dark Souls 3 is continuing the main series’ theme of classes. That is, players will be able to choose from a wealth of classes and stats in order to fit their particular play style.

And lest we forget, Dark Souls 3 will feature plenty of nasty bosses, which are sure to give even the most hardened veterans a little bit of trouble. The Lord of Cinder looks like a particularly challenging foe, provided players actually get to face off with him at some point.

That being said, we don’t expect it will be long before speedrunners are racing through Dark Souls 3and even finding that they can beat the game without ever getting hit. The beauty of the Dark Souls series is that it creates a culture focused on mastering and understanding every aspect of the game, and we can’t wait to see what players uncover in this final chapter.

Dark Souls 3 releases April 12, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in North America. Japanese gamers can play the game on March 24th.


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