Fujitsu Announces 11 New Tablets, Laptops And Desktop Computers


Fujitsu has announced a hefty new lineup of 11 computers, including tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

Each of the models will run Windows 10, and the announcement includes two tablet models, seven laptop models, a desktop model and a “long-life PC model.” Only availability in Japan has been announced, and the computers are set to roll out later this month.

Perhaps most interesting in the lineup is the new 2-in-1, called the Fujitsu Arrows Tab R726/M, a 12.5-inch tablet that has a detachable magnetic keyboard. With the keyboard, it comes in at 14.7 mm thick and offers a full HD display resolution. The tablet also has a little kickstand so that it can be propped up for things like movie-watching. It is available with an LTE connection or Wi-Fi only.

The company’s second tablet offers a 13.3-inch display and is dust-, water- and chemical-resistant. It can be configured to include a number of different features, including a palm vein sensor for security.

The new laptops include the LifeBook S936/M and the LifeBook U745/M, both of which have palm vein sensors, allowing users to simply hold their palm above the machine to unlock it.

In addition to those two laptops, Fujitsu unveiled five more: The LifeBook E756/M, E746/M, E736/M, E556/M and E546/M. These computers offer Fujitsu’s “Family Concept” chassis, which is aimed at allowing multiple people to share accessories like docking stations and power adapters without having to own the exact same model.

The company also unveiled a few new desktop computers, including the Esprimo K556/M desktop PC, a Windows 10 computer that is powered by an Intel Xeon processor. Last but not least, Fujitsu announced a new “long-life PC,” the Esprimo J529/FA, which the company says can last up to a decade.