Gamers Discover ‘Fallout 4’ Bug That Kicks Them Out Straight To The Desktop

Monsignor Plaza

Gamers attempting to travel to Monsignor Plaza as part of the settlement quest in Fallout 4 have complained about a game crash which brought them straight to the desktop with no display of an error message.

Only a few days after it was released, Bethesda’s open-world role-playing game, Fallout 4, seemed to show a number of glitches online. While some of these can be used to the advantage of the player, the latest bug being reported was seen as game-breaking.

Gamers have detailed on Bethesda forums that since a number of important story missions happen in the area between C.I.T Ruins and Monsignor Plaza, the game crash appears to be a prevalent issue.

“I cannot enter the area between C.I.T Ruins and Monsignor Plaza from any angle without crashing,” said one gamer who carries the username Squidtaco. “This is prevalent as multiple important story missions take place there. My game doesn’t crash anywhere else. Multiple other people have been having the same issue, on all platforms. Anyone have an idea as to why this would be happening?”

Another user known only as Nuno also expressed his encounter with the issue.

“So [i]I’m venturing thru wasteland and going to[o] do 1 BOS quest in Monsignor Plaza near BADTFL Offices,” said Nuno. “When I try to go to quest place game just crashes to desktop. As far [i] went in game (1/4 of map) it never occur[r]ed. I can[‘]t progress in BoS quest because when [i]I’m 60-100 units from entrance game just crashes. I already tried different settings in cfg, new/old drivers, going to quest marker from different areas and sides, it[‘]s always the same crash. Any1 have sim[m]ilar issue?”

The bug also seemed to have occurred on all platforms, affecting users on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

“The area between Monsignor Plaza and C.I.T Ruins is bugged for me,” said one user named “NaturaRex.” “Whenever I try to enter this general vicinity, the game abruptly crashes. It[‘s] really sort of a game breaking bug because two very integral main story quests for me take around this place and I’m wondering if this gets patched. Anyone else experience this? Any advice.”

“Exact same error here, man. Can’t progress with the main story. Are you on PS4 as well?,” said the user named “stpenguin.”

“Yep but it[‘]s not restricted to PS4 as many people on Reddit described this problem occurring on their PC as well. Need a solution asap cus now many of my quests Main and otherwise situation in this area,” replied NaturaRex.

Launched on Nov. 10, Fallout 4 shipped a staggering 12 million copies in just one day and broke records across several brick and mortar stores. Bethesda is said to be shipping more copies of the game to retailers in order to meet the current market demand.