‘Gears Of War 4’ Could Be Making Its Way To The PC Soon

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 may be released for the PC if a retailer listing holds true.

GAME, a British videogames retailer, listed Gears of War 4, an upcoming third-person shooter game that is a sequel to the 2011’sGears of War 3, for both PC and Xbox One. The listing comes a surprise, since its predecessor was released only for the Xbox 360.

While there’s a chance that the listing is a technical glitch or a mistake from one of GAME’s portal administrators, the PC-port is a more enjoyable possibility, especially for PC gamers. If true, it wouldn’t be the first time that Microsoft released an Xbox-exclusive game to PC. It will join the ranks of Ryse, Titanfall andDead Rising.

Microsoft now owns the rights to the Gears of War franchise after buying it from Epic Games. Gears of War 4 will now be under a new developer, The Coalition.

Furthermore, the recent remastered PC port of the original Gear of Wars (2007), Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which was unveiled during the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2015, seems to hint at a PC port for Gears of War 4. This goes in line with Microsoft’s previous statements of wanting to support the PC more.

The yet-to-be-confirmed Gears of War 4 PC port is expected to support a mouse, keyboard and gamepad controllers, since the remastered version of the first installment’s PC port supports them, along with 4K resolution.

However, both Microsoft and The Coalition have yet to confirm this. In fact, both choose to stay quiet about the future of the Gears of War game series.

“Nothing to announce yet. Obviously something I’ll be happy to talk about at a later time,” says Rod Fergusson after he was probed on the things to look forward to from the Gears of War franchise.

Gears of War 4 is slated for Q4 2016 release. The official announcement for the game’s release date is expected to come during E3 2016. Below is the game trailer that debuted during E3 2015.