Getting in the Mind of a Millennial: An Interview with Mindy Weinstein

Getting in the Mind of a Millennial: An Interview with Mindy Weinstein

At Pubcon 2015 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak with Mindy Weinstein, of Bruce Clay Inc., about marketing to the millennial demographic.

More specifically, we discussed how the millennial demographic encompasses a deceptively large age range — from around ages 21 to 35. That makes marketing to this demo an even greater challenge because there are very different needs within that age range.

Learn more about how to overcome these challenges, and what types of marketing resonate with millennials, in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Mindy’s own experience with, and research on millennials says the number one most important thing is to provide your millennial audience with an outlet to be engaged.
  • One example of keeping a millennial audience engaged is to get your business behind a cause. Millennials are known to latch on strongly to brands that support one specific cause one another.
    In addition to doing good and making a difference, millennials want to associate themselves with brands that make a contribution to society.
  • Mindy gives the example of Chipotle as a brand that resonates well with millennials because of how outspoken they are about responsible sourcing of meat.
    Understanding who their market is, Chipotle then went on to create entertaining short films around the cause it supports, which millennials ate up and share with their social networks.
  • When it comes to targeting millennials, there’s no silver bullet in terms of which social network to use. For example, it’s unwise to assume most millennials are on Snapchat, because people between 30–35 may be more likely to use Facebook than those between 22–27.
  • Include social networks both new and traditional in your marketing strategy, depending on which is most applicable for your specific audience.
  • Mindy says if she could leave businesses with three key tips for marketing to millennials they would be: know where they are, get the messaging right, and get behind a cause.