Gold Mega Man Amiibo For ‘Mega Man Legacy Collection’ For 3DS Will Unlock Exclusive Treats

Mega Man Gold Amiibo

Capcom’s iconic blue hero, Mega Man, is coming back with a bang in February 2016 with the Mega Man Legacy Collection, along with the six original Mega Man games. Nintendo is also releasing the a Legacy Collection version of the Mega ManAmiibo, as well as a collector’s edition gold Mega Man Amiibo. It’s like having your own Mega Man trophy at home.

So what’s the difference between the gold Mega Man amiibo and the standard one? Nothing much, really, other than Mega Manlooking like he fell into a tub of gold and polished himself really well. Other than the fact that the gold amiibo is a collector’s edition and will undoubtedly cost a lot more, both versions can actually unlock the 11 exclusive challenges for the New 3DS.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection for the new 3DS features the six original Mega Man games and accurate reproductions of the Mega Man series origins. It has a Museum Mode and Challenge Mode in addition to the six games and, whereas Museum Mode will take players back through the history of Mega Man with high resolution images and concept art, Challenge Mode will keep players on their toes with more than 50 stages of new gameplay prepared. The new stages of gameplay are basically remixed stages of gameplay areas and the difficulty of the objectives is sure to challenge both new and experienced players.

Mega Man is a humanoid robot fitted with a powerful canon arm and has extraordinary fighting skills, as well as the ability to obtain skills from enemies. Mega Man was created by Dr. Light to thwart the plans and fight the forces of the evil Dr. Wily, in order to preserve the peace.

The gold amiibo is available exclusively in the Mega Man Collector’s Edition but pricing has not yet been announced.