Google Releases New Update To Structured Data Site Testing Tool

The Google HQ

Google’s structured data testing tool has always been the best way to ensure your markup code has been implemented correctly. Several updates releasedfor that tool today will make it even more useful.

A complete list of updates are as follows:

  • A new structured data testing tool, which is said to better reflect Google’s interpretation of your content.
  • Improved documentation and policy guidelines for Google features powered by structured data on the web
  • Expanded support for the JSON-LD markup syntax

Updates To Structured Data Testing Tool:

Google’s structured data testing tool has been updated with the following features:

  • Validation for all Google features powered by structured data
  • Support for markup in the JSON-LD syntax, including in dynamic HTML pages
  • Clean display of the structured data items on your page
  • Syntax highlighting of markup problems right in your HTML source code

Updates To Documentation and Policy

Based on feedback from webmasters, Google has made it more clear exactly what kind of wording is supported in structured data. The new documentation explains the markup you need to add to enable different search features for your content, along with code examples in the supported syntaxes.

Update to Support for JSON-LD

Google has extended its support for vocabulary in JSON-LD syntax to new use cases:

  • company logos and contacts,
  • social profile links,
  • events in the Knowledge Graph,
  • the sitelinks search box,
  • event rich snippets.

The company is working on expanding support to additional markup-powered features in the future.