GR Pick: Fan Video Combines Legend of Zelda with Game of Thrones

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A fanmade video meshes the family-friendly world of The Legend of Zelda with the harsh world of Game of Thrones, resulting in a spectacular live-action video.

It’s not everyday a fan-made live action video comes along that manages to blow our socks off, but a brand new Legend of Zelda video managed to do exactly that. Combining the typically-family-friendly Nintendo property with the gory world that is Game of Thrones, a YouTube channel named Megasteakman has produced a stellar short film demonstrating what life would be like if The Legend of Zelda more closely resembled the gruesome and unforgiving HBO show.

The video below contains plenty of impressive visuals, mixing up the lore of both properties to create things like white-walker-esque Kokiri victims and even a shadow demon assassination of King Harkinian straight out of the second season of Game of Thrones. As impressive as every bit of the video below is, we have to say our favorite all-time reference is using a horde of angry cuccos as a torture device, while managing to turn the scene into an obvious reference to Arya Stark’s time at Harrenhal.

Here’s the full video below, with an impressive run time of almost six minutes:

The creators had actually made a stellar Game of Thrones-inspired intro with a Legend of Zeldatwist over a year ago, and followers of the channel have been waiting thisfor the followup live-action video. It goes without staying that Megasteakman spent many long hours editing the impressive visual display, and the channel thanked family and friends for understanding the creator’s absence in their lives while production of the video took place.

The characters also seem well cast, especially Brady Roberts as Link. Roberts is a man accustomed to action – he’s a personal trainer of actors from both Arrow and The Flash – and his nemesis Ganondorf (Lee Majdoub) has picked up plenty of smaller action-filled parts along his career, too. The production involved a populated team of videographers, costume designers, 3D modelers and more, and it’s great to see it all came together into such a highly-polished production.

After all, it’s not everyday fans group together to make a live-action video, especially one that ends up being better than the live-action work of the company they’re imitating. In any event, this is certainly one of the best fan-made videos we have yet to see (although other great Nintendo-related videos have certainly popped up this month), and we’re exciting to think about what Megasteakman might produce in the future.

What do you think about the live-action Legend of Zelda / Game of Thrones mashup, Ranters?


[Source:- Gamerant]