‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ Debuts Stealthily On The PlayStation 3

GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’, an open-world action adventure game, PlayStation 3 port has been silently listed on Sony’s PlayStation Store.

The Rockstar title, which came after Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, was originally published in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 and was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox the following year. The current listing replaces PS2 classics listing.

Note that in 2012, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was previously released for the PS3 as an emulated port that is part of the PS2 Classics, which are PS2 games that can be purchased from the PlayStation Store and played on the PS3. The current PS3 port release will not be emulated but will run natively on the PlayStation 3.

The game’s original Xbox version was also released as an emulated Xbox 360 port back in 2008. It wasn’t until last year that it got removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace and replaced by an HD version, which turned out to be a port of the mobile version that was released in December 2013 for Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Phone.

It is yet to be clear whether the new PS3 port is a port of the mobile version. If it is, however, then PS3 gamers will have the same headaches as the Xbox 360 gamers.

“The Playstation 3 version also brings trophies to San Andreas, which are largely the same as the 360’s achievements except for the Platinum trophy, which replaces the Trickster achievement for completing 10 pimping missions,” IGN reports, highlighting the similarities.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas single-player mode features the story of Carl Johnson, a.k.a CJ, who returned to the city of Los Santos after his mother got murdered. On his return, CJ finds his family and friends in disarray. He has confrontations with cops and other gangs on his way to reforming his old gang.