‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Mod For PC Goes 4K, Turns Into One Of The Best-Looking Games Ever


Grand Theft Auto V just got a free upgrade, but only for PC.

Now console gamers may get to play the best games first, but PC gamers always end up getting the most stuff for those games in the end.

Case in point is The Pinnacle of GTA V World Enhancement Project mod on PC. Developed by modder, Josh Romito, the free mod available for download layers the world of “Grand Theft Auto” in 4K textures.

In the nearly life-like 4K visuals, Romito’s mod includes enhanced textures for clouds, water, plants, grass, blood, and of course, cars that look incredibly sharp. Seriously, driving a souped-up Japanese car through American-looking countryside roads never looked so good on any platform.

Besides the fantastically rendered 4K visuals, the mod also includes tweaks in gameplay as well.

“Not only is this a visual enhancement, but literally every aspect of the game has been tweaked, adjusted, and fine tuned to create the most realistic, stunning, and immersive Grand Theft Auto experience to date,” Romito writes in the mod’s download description.

Visually, the list of improvements is lengthy. The weather has been especially tweaked to resemble more real-world patterns. Chromatic aberration, noise, vignetting, lighting, color control, fog reduction to more realistic amounts, and even rain and puddles left behind look surreal. Footprints left in water last longer, too.

Grand Theft Auto has always been about, well, autos and the mod has also reworked vehicular handling. Every model and type of car in the game has been tweaked to provide more realistic deformation after accidents and crashes. In addition, a car’s top speed, weight, crash physics, AI control and even crash avoidance has been redone to make it feel less like driving a toy and more like a real car through the streets of Los Santos.

Relationships, too, have been given new gameplay tweaks. How a player deals with police, gangs, and even animals in the mod creates for a livelier experience to say the least. Police and gangs will battle it out on the street while players can stay closer to bystanders for longer without them running away. On a side note, the mod also allows players to have different encounters with animals, too.

There’s more, a lot more, that has been modded in the game that gives Grand Theft Auto a whole new feel and provides for a fresh enough experience that would justify playing through it all over again.