GTA Online Updated, PS4 and Xbox One Versions Get Rockstar Editor

The Freemode Events update for Grand Theft Auto Online has gone live as an update for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Developer Rockstar claims it is an “entirely new way to play GTA Online with no loading screens or lobbies features a wide array of madness”.

New GTA Online modes include Hunt the Beast, which has you as an overpowered version of your character fleeing pursuers across Los Santos and Blaine County, apart from King of the Castle, which lets you storm and claim a designated piece of territory and fend off others looking to dethrone you. There’s a mode that has you quite literally as a moving target (the mode itself is creatively called Moving Target), and another that challenges you to hold onto a briefcase full of contraband for the longest time while being pursued.

This isn’t all, you’ll race past checkpoints, kill or be killed with access to heavy artillery, and wreak destruction across the cityscape to see who can do the most damage in the given time. Also, there are two new adversary modes in GTA Online that have you delivering a vehicle rigged to explode if it goes below a minimum speed limit, and laying siege to an opposing team’s territory with the goal of capturing it.

As an incentive to try out the Freemode Events of GTA Online, Rockstar will award players GTA$50,000 bonus in-game cash plus an exclusive Vapid t-shirt by September 25 if they have been playing between September 15 and September 25.

But perhaps the biggest GTA update is the availability of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One earlier this week. What this means is if you own a PS4 or Xbox One you can make your own GTA V and GTA Online videos – a feature that was exclusive to the PC version until now. New features for all platforms are included such as an ambient audio and sound effects library, Snapmatic integration, Director Mode updates, and new fonts.