Hands-On With Hush’s Smart Earplugs, Killing Noise With Soothing Sounds

Hush smart earplugs

Chances are you’ve been there before — trying to get some sleep, only to be kept up during the night by your partner’s loud snoring or noisy neighbors. Not a good feeling to say the least.

Hush can help. On Wednesday, the company used its platform at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas to announce that it has started shipping orders of what it calls “the world’s first smart earplugs.”

Not only do they block out pestering noise, but Hush’s earplugs fill your ears with soothing sounds, ranging from pink and white noise to waterfalls, the forest, and even the serene sound of Tibetan Monks chanting.

(Photo : Mark Lelinwalla | Tech Times)

But the earplugs don’t hush all sounds from being delivered to your ears. With an accompanying smartphone app and the earplugs’ Bluetooth capability, the earbuds will briefly stop the calming sounds from playing to make sure you get that alarm-clock ringing, so you don’t wake up late for work or miss that important appointment following a nap.

The company will fulfill all its pre-orders from its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign — which raised nearly $600,000 over 40 days late last year — before shipping to new buyers.

The smart earplugs can be purchased on Hush’s website for $150.