HHGregg Will Offer 1TB Xbox One ‘Fallout 4’ Bundle For Only $349 On Black Friday

Fallout 4 Black Friday deals are coming!

Leaked ads for upcoming Black Friday deals from major retailers are making their rounds on the Internet.

Gamers are in for the quite the treat especially for those gamers who had enough self-control to sit on their hands before rushing out to be one of the first to play Fallout 4.

There are a bunch of Black Friday Fallout 4 deals floating around from the likes of Amazon, Dell, and many others but HHGregg has the best one yet. Digging through the leaked 20-page ad, wefound on page 12 of the advertisement a 1TB Xbox One Fallout 4Bundle for just $349.99. That’s a savings of $50.

That’s a pretty good deal for any 1TB Xbox One Bundle as these kinds of offerings for 1TB consoles are pretty few and far between on Black Friday. On any other day of the year, this specific Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle is usually $399, and considering Fallout 4 is arguably the biggest game of 2015, we imagine HHGregg’s units will be flying off shelves once the clock strikes 12 on Black Friday.

The rest of the deals on HHGregg’s leaked ad includes a treasure trove of other discounted items with appliances like vacuum cleaners and electronics like gigantic Samsung TVs (perfect for Fallout 4 gaming).

If 1TB of storage on an Xbox One console sounds like overkill for some gamers and would rather have extra accessories or even an extra game bundled with their console, Dell may just have the perfect deal. For $299.99, Dell is offering a 500GB Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle plus a 3.55mm headset, a second controller, and even an extra copy of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Outside of Black Friday, that kind of bundle would command a much heftier price tag of $469.99.

Unfortunately, Best Buy isn’t offering anything even close to those deals from HHGregg and Dell. The Xbox One deal it offers is a Gears of War bundle for $299.99, and that’s it – no Fallout 4 included. There are other perks to Best Buy’s deal, however. An Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscription is included for just $4.99 plus a $25 discount on a second game (we suggest Fallout 4).

Other Fallout 4 Black Friday deals online includes a 17 percent discount on the game for a total of only $9.89 for Amazon Prime members. PC gamers can get a copy of the same game for 20 percent off for just $48 when using the promo code “FALLOU-T20PER-CNTOFF” from Green Man Gaming.

Of all the deals we know of so far, it’s a toss-up between HHGregg and Dell for the best Fallout 4 Black Friday deal for 2015.