Independent ‘Half-Life 2’ Expansion ‘Prospekt’ Making Its Way To Steam


A fan of Half-Life 2 has come up with his own sequel to Valve’s sci-fi franchise. The fan’s creation dubbed Prospekt is slated to be launched via Steam in early February.

Richard Seabrook, the sole creator of Prospekt, said in an interview with PCGamesN that it took 18 months and “thousands of hours” to complete the development of the game.

What makes this sequel to Half-Life’s Opposing Force expansion interesting is it uses official art assets with the approval of Valve.

Set to be released on Feb. 11, Prospekt follows U.S. Marine Corporal Adrian Shephard as he heads over to the Nova Prospekt prison in an aim to help Gordon Freeman. In the earlier game, Shephard went to the Black Mesa Research Facility to accomplish a secret mission.

The game, which is composed of 13 levels, has a price tag of $9.99 and is already up for preorder.

The developer disclosed the originally shipped proposal to Valve in a briefcase with high hopes to land on a job. He said he did not make or receive a call from Valve.

However, as the game’s “dying breath,” Seabrook said he decided to put Prospekt on Steam Greenlight. After 72 hours, he was surprised that his created unofficial Half-Life game had been approved by Valve.

He was then able to meet up with Valve to talk about specific plans in releasing the game.

Seabrook said that he tried his best in making sure Prospekt was as great as a Half-Life game.

“I wanted to show I’m up to the standard of making a game like Half-Life for them,” Seabrook said.

He revealed that he felt big pressure from the fans (rather than Valve) to get the game ready, something which he said “I never thought I’d experience.”

While the creator did not disclose specific details he and Valve discussed during meetings, it is very likely that the company will have its regular cut of sales the moment this game rolls out.

This is not the first time Valve permitted a fan-made game to be released and sold on Steam. The Black Mesa, which is said to be the remake of the original Half-Life game, is currently being marketed through Steam’s Early Access program at $19.99.