announces world’s first predictive cloud for sales

A new cloud system driven by a neuralytics predictive engine could help users to use the intelligence gathered from 100 billion sales interactions.

The Predictive Cloud, from, uses the knowledge of self-learning machines gathered from multiple sources across the globe to improve applications, business processes and sales practices, it maker claims.

Predictive analytics can be used as a platform, as a service or as a sales acceleration application, according to InsideSales. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can use Predictive-as-a-Platform using an open application programming interface to add predictive functions to their own apps. Users of Predictive-as-a-Service can get up to speed more rapidly through cloud delivery, says the vendor. The Sales Acceleration apps aim to improve sales communications, email and web tracking, predictive forecasting, lead and opportunity scoring, sales gamification and sales hiring.

The vision for the Predictive Cloud dates back to the founding of the company in 2004 according to founder Dave Elkington, InsideSales CEO. The rationale was to create a system that intelligently analyses billions of data points instantly. Having performed this instant analysis, it then recommends the optimal next steps for almost any application or business process. After building on this foundation, InsideSales plans to apply predictive technology beyond the realm of sales organisations, so it can deliver benefits to sectors such as government, healthcare and retail. Eventually predictive analytics could be used in any industry, said Elkington: “We are building an Amazon-style recommendation engine for business.” has partnered with Cloudbilt, the makers of MapAnything, CloudCraze, Demandbase, Dynamic Signal, Eventboard and LogMeIn.

“At this extreme scale, data science is critical in matching the right product to the right customer,” said Larry D’Angelo, senior sales VP at LogMeIn. “Predictive Cloud is taking analytics to a new level that can boost sales productivity.”

In May 2015 InsideSales closed a $60 million funding round led by Salesforce.

The system is due to be showcased at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco on September 15th.

Predictive analytics could be the key to sales acceleration, according to Forrester Research’s principal analyst Kate Leggett. Speeding a prospect through the sales funnel will be driven by prescriptive insights, Leggett predicted in Forrester’s July 2015 report, CRM Sales Automation Software for Every User. “The insights driven by predictive analytics layer on domain-specific business logic resulting in context-specific, actionable prompts for individual salespeople,” Leggett reported.





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