Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg, Launches New Photo Sharing App Called ‘Tiiny’

kevin rose

Silicon Valley veteran, Kevin Rose, launched a brand new iOS app this morning called Tiiny. Tiiny lets you share thumbnail-sized photos or GIFs to a 3×4 grid that’s shown to users who follow you. The images disappear after 24 hours, and are kept small in order to “reduce the anxiety” around sharing photos.

Rose tells TechCrunch that beta testers shared 5 time more photos with Tiiny than on their other photo apps, but he’s not even concerned about the success of the app.

It only took three weeks to build Tiny, and the team behind it intends to release one new app every three months. That is unless one of them takes off. Rose says “it’s about having as many shots on goal as possible,”

So, what else does Tiiny do? Not very much, but that’s the whole idea. With Tiiny you can use the camera to take a photo or a silent animated GIF up to five seconds long, all of which are just 212 pixels x 212 pixels.

Your photo then appears in the first slot on the grids of people who follow you, and disappears after 24 hours later. There are no profile pages. If you want to interact with other users you can tap a photo to see who it’s from, double tap to Like it, or browse a Popular page of the best Tiiny moments.

Rose says the idea for Tiiny came to him while browsing Instagram.

I was consuming a lot of content through the popular pages and tag pages, and I noticed that with the three-across grid you can consume a lot more content faster than a normal stream.