Latest Xbox One Update Causes ‘Destiny’ Connectivity Issues

New Xbox One Experience

Microsoft’s major firmware update i.e. the New Xbox One Experience which was pushed out on Nov. 12 for its next-gen consoles, is causing connectivity issues for some Destiny players.

The New Xbox One Experience update brings backward compatibility, which will allow one to play older Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One.

Now post the update, gamers are encountering several issues and apparently become disconnected from Destiny when they launch a full-screen Xbox One app when the game is still being played.

The full-screen apps which have been reported to be causing issues during gameplay are Party, Friends, Twitch and Netflix.

The title’s developer Bungie has admitted that it is aware of the problem.

“Since the most recent Xbox One firmware update, Bungie is aware of player reports that full-screen applications are causing players to be disconnected from activities,” acknowledges the developer.

Bungie has disclosed that it is “actively” looking into the matter. The studio recommends that gamers deploy the Snap functionality on the Xbox One when playing Destiny as a temporary workaround instead of using the full-screen apps. For the unfamiliar, Snap displays data on the screen’s side, enabling one to multitask while playing games.

Microsoft also gives users some troubleshooting tips to counter “some of the experiences” it was unable to completely “polish for launch of the New Xbox One Experience.” It gives in-depth fixes for plenty of issues plaguing Xbox One users post the firmware update, which include the initial boot-up post the update, accessibility and content installation issues.

 Update Issues & Solutions

The first boot for the console after the update could be slower than usual for some people. However, one need not worry if the console stays put on the Xbox One logo for a while. Microsoft recommends that one wait for at least 15 minutes, if no changes are noticed in the screen then one can troubleshoot. Simply hold the power button for 10 seconds toll the unit powers down. Wait 15 seconds and then power it back on.

Those encountering the Blank tiles issue in the My games & apps after the firmware update should navigate to Home > highlight My games & apps > Press Menu on the controller > Select Quit. Relaunch the My games & apps. The issue should be fixed.

Another issue plaguing games is the non-functional voice controls after the first boot post the update. To resolve this one can simply reboot/restart the console. Once the console has been restarted one go to Settings > Select All Settings > Select Kinect & devices > Select Kinect to make sure the voice controls are functioning properly.

After the update, if a user is unable to sign-in owing to continuous password prompts then Microsoft advises one removes and then re-adds their Xbox One account.