Layers of Worry gets Inheritance enlargement in August

For most people, confronting your family‘s darkish and shameful past is an issue of commencing the rest room door earlier than the scent has absolutely dissipated, so spare a idea for the daughter of the guy from Layers of Worry. The painter on the coronary heart of that first-character horror game became his home into a type of arty hellhole, and now his daughter has lower back to peer what kingdom he’s left the family house in. A right vintage kingdom, if the primary trailer for Layers of Fear‘s Inheritance DLC is any indication.

Inheritance releases on August 2, and it will set you lower back $4.ninety nine. In it, you may “lead the daughter thru what’s left of the mansion and participate in the madness that her father bestowed upon the entire circle of relatives. Can she forgive her father, or will she resent all that has happened?” I am leaning in the direction of the latter, but you by no means recognize.

James Davenport wasn’t overly enamoured with the principle occasion. Permit‘s desire this upcoming expansion can manage to rustle up some extra scares.