LG Display Going Big At CES 2016: Expect Rollable Displays, Paper-Thin Displays And The World’s First 98-Inch 8K Display

18-inch rollable display

CES 2016 has come knocking again, bringing in its folds a gamut of new technologies that will make one watch in wide-eyed wonder.

LG Display, for one, is set to unveil a slew of products which will set the bar high for other OEMs at the CES 2016. Wondering what plans LG has to stir up the consumer space?

The company intends to show off an 18-inch display that can be rolled up. It also has paper thin OLED TVs in the pipeline, and if you didn’t pick up a 4K TV during the holiday season, this news will take your breath away – a 98-inch TV with an 8K display, which is the first ever in the world, will be unveiled by LG as well.

The cutting-edge technologies LG will show off at the major event will be displayed at its private showroom at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The South Korean company is marketing its upcoming products under the tagline “Your Imagination, Our Innovation.”

In keeping up with the slogan, LG Display will be giving a peek into its prototype 18-inch flexible screen which is able to roll up like it’s a piece of paper. The technology is based on LG’s rollable, bendable and curving OLED displays.

At the CES 2014, LG revealed that it was developing 30R 18-inch OLED panels which could be rolled up just like newspapers. Now, the company is ready to show off the svelte concept to the world.

“The company will also showcase futuristic concept displays that highlight the dynamic forms that OLED can achieve, including the world’s first 30R 18-inch rollable display that can be rolled-up like a newspaper; a 55-inch design concept OLED TV display that is paper-thin since the electric circuits are installed separately; and a matching pair of 65-inch extreme-curve concave/convex OLED displays,” said LG.

In 2014, LG let on that its rollable OLED panel featured a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels. The panel was said to have a radius of 3 centimeters (1.18 inches) when rolled up into a cylindrical shape. At the time, LG said it was able to achieve this flexibility thanks to the use of a “high molecular substance-based polyimide film” instead of traditional plastic for the backplane.

Whether or not LG Display has retained the resolution for the rollable display will be revealed when the prototypes go on display.

LG also has an ultra-thin OLED TV display up its sleeve which measures 55 inches. The paper-thin display is made possible owing to the separate installation of the electric circuits. LG is also poised to introduce a 55-inch dual-sided display, which is able to show off different images on each side. This will increase OLED’s commercial viability as the TV could be used for signage purposes.

LG said it is upping the ante and has come up with a mammoth 98-inch TV which is 8K in a bid to make the TV space more exciting. The Super UHD TV from the company will have the model number UH9800 and will make its way to consumers in H2 2016.

“At CES, LG will also take the wraps off its first production-ready 98-inch 8K SUPER UHD TV (model UH9800),” announced the company on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016.

The new SUPER UHD TVs from LG

(Photo : LG) The new SUPER UHD TVs from LG

For those eager to catch a glimpse of the SUPER UHD TV with HDR from the company, they can head to LG’s booth at the CES 2016 from Jan. 6 to Jan. 9.

With LG Display claiming it has pumped in nearly $8.7 billion into its OLED development, the fruits of its labor will soon be up for expert and consumer assessment. Whether the new technologies will find takers and be commercially viable remains to be seen.