Malaysia gets its first eSports gaming hub

There are 116 PCs available at The Pantheon. — NORAFIFI EHSAN/The Star

ONE of the most common piece of advice a gamer gets is to get up and leave the house once in awhile. Good news gamers, now you can do just that, and still not give up your gaming needs at The Pantheon in One City, Selangor.

Sprawling over 10,000sq m, The Pantheon strives to be the perfect hub, attracting gamers and providing a state-of-the art gaming experience.

It is reportedly the first of its kind NVIDIA GeForce GTX certified eSports arena in Malaysia, with 116 PCs, an auditorium, VR experience zone, racing simulator, PS4 zone and more.

“Gaming unfortunately has a negative connotation in Malaysia. We hope that The Pantheon would change that stigma and show how a good iCafe operates, and promote the gaming industry in the country,” said The Pantheon managing director Franky How at the launch.

The gaming arena is equipped with GTX 1060 or higher GPU, paired with 27in, 144Hz G-sync monitors.

There are also six “experience” rooms setup with gaming brands Alienware, Legion, MSI, Omen, Predator and Republic Of Gamers, with six PCs in each room.

The zones were specifically built for the brands to showcase their latest products, where customers can test them out before making a purchase. The private rooms also designed to provide a distraction-free environment for gaming teams to train in.

“The Pantheon is eSports ready. With our built-in auditorium, gamers would also be able to catch various tournaments happening around the world,” added How.

Entry price ranges from RM5 to RM30 per hour, and the VR zone is priced at RM50 per 30 minutes.

The Pantheon is open to patrons aged 12 and above. Underaged visitors require parental supervision, and those is school uniform are prohibited from entering the premise.